The “Siren” are an Italian rock band from Pesaro, formed in January 2013 thanks to an idea of Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals).

The Band members are Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals), Mark “Spud” Mckenzie (drums, percussion), with whom he attended high school and Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar) a childhood friend. Together, in different times and occasions, they had already collaborated on various musical projects.

After about one year of work on March 2014, the recording of their first album “The Row” ended (recorded at Studio Waves by Paolo Rossi in Pesaro) an LP of 11 tracks entirely  conceived, written, arranged and composed by the band.

On August 2014 they have signed their first record deal with Red Cat Records.

In January 2015 was published the video of their first single, Dr. Saint, that in few months reached 500000 views.

On June 2015 the band played at Voobstock Festival for the opening of “Marta Sui Tubi”.

On July 2015 they won Emergenza Festival Italia  at Alcatraz in Milan; 700 bands took part in the competition.

On August of the same year they played (as first award for Emergenza festival) at the Taubertal Festival of Rothenburg in Germany sharing the stage with important bands like the Offspring, Dropkick Murphys, Kyle Gass Project, Beatsteaks ecc.

Siren are currently engaged in the creation of their second album, in various live concerts and looking for the possibility of an european tour.